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zoomZOOM THIS : Fast forward to the present ...the Duratec tuners have been realizing huge gains on these 24 valve engines by enhancing the "Air in/Air out" principle. MSDS has been working HANDS ON with these tuners, racers and dynos to make it happen!

Mazda, a Ford subsidiary, has gone to the next level by introducing Variable Valve Cam Timing into the Duratec engine. The dyno chart shows the "Deep Breathing" HP/TQ gains with MSDS upgrades. This dyno was performed on an automatic transmission...the gains on a manual transmission will be even higher! The stock dyno curve shows the engine running out of power- whereas with MSDS equipment it is still building power strongly before the rev limiter shuts it down.

Strap a set of MSDS H0816 headers/y-pipe on your Mazda 6 and you will SMOKE your previous 1/4 mile or road course E.T.

These products are sold for "Off road, racing purposes only", however the Surgeon General hasn't said anything about SMOKING your competition!

Part #HO816