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If you don't know...MSDS was established in 1976. Martin Schneider, unable to find high quality, specialized products, Martin Designed his own Systems that met his high standards.

Martin Schneider Design Systems or simply MSDS, manufactured a turbo system (914) as their first product. This power upgrade put the under powered 914 ahead of the 911 in performance tests. Since then there have been 1,000's of exhaust, intake and specialty products developed and sold by MSDS.

Martin is schooled in tool  manufacturing, industrial occupations automotive, industrial and graphic design , and business marketing. He and his skilled staff of craftsmen build some of the highest quality automotive upgrade products...from the trick slammed sport compacts, to the hottest six-figure European cars !

To mark the 25th anniversary of the 914, Martin constructed a stunning 9146-GT. This vehicle was a total "No cost spared project" and featured a twin turbo, 3.2 litre, horizontal fan engine. The cover of "European Car" November, 1995, was adorned with this Porsche mid-engine roadster getting some boost.

Around the year 2002, Porsche will introduce its new S.U.V. It will be a Porsche powered, VW frame and possibly VW body work vehicle...Sensational !

In 1990, some 12 years pre- dating Porsche, MSDS introduced its own S.U.V. the "Range Panzer". This 4WD,911 / 3.2 litre powered Vanagon (go anywhere) Syncro , was featured in "European Car" magazine, December, 1991. In 1998, MSDS went full tilt with the introduction of its German8ter. This one-ton rated, six passenger, 400HP small block Chevy powered, VW DoubleCab Transporter is Martin's answer to the boring pick-up trucks on the market today.

The German8ter is featured in "Hot VWs" magazine August,1998 issue.MSDS is not saying "We've been there...and done that", but actually putting these highly engineered products into the hands of the motoring public years ahead of the "multi-billion-dollared" OE Manufacturers such as VW and Porsche. Ask any one of our MSDS Panzer pilots and they will bend your ears on the virtues of the Vanagon-Porsche S.U.V. ! So if you're considering an intake, exhaust, specialty product or a Vanagon power conversion, step up to a completely designed system...otherwise known as MSDS.