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MSDS Clean Air Act - Air Filter Systems

Cool, high velocity air is pulled through the 360 degree breathing velocity cone air cleaner element. By passing more air into the engine, it is able to produce more horsepower. The engine also produces a well defined throttle sound. The bulky stock air box, some weighing as much as eight pounds, can now rest in your garage! There are thousands of these air cleaner systems on dozens of vehicle types in use world wide!

  • Cooler inlet air temperature
  • Increased CFM air flow
  • Available with adapter ducts made from steel and heavy duty cast aluminum!
  • Internal velocity cone
  • Deep throttle sound
  • Up to eight horsepower gain
  • Permanent, re-useable element
  • New designs weekly... call, fax or email for yours!

Description Year Part # Price
911 Carrera, C2/C4 RS America, 3.2/3.6 84-93 AC001 $152.00
911 Carrera C2, 3.6 late 93-later AC002 $152.00
993 Carrera, 3.6, 6 speed or Tiptronic (T) 94-later AC003 $190.00
986 Boxster  acceptable modification in POC Racing, BSR class 97-later AC004 $431.00
944 non-turbo, turbo, 924s 83-later AC006 $152.00
914 1.7 engine 70-73 AC017 $167.00
914 2.0 engine 73-76 AC020 $167.00
914 Rain Shield / for 1.7 .. 2.0 70-76 AC-RS $46.00
VW Vanagon, all, 2.1 water cooled 83-later AC007 $152.00
Alfa Romeo Spyder, 4 Cyl / Milano / GT V6 All AC008 $152.00
BMW 325 I/IS, E30 Chassis 84-91 AC010 $152.00
BMW M3 / 325 I, E36 chassis, w/temp sensor 92-later  AC013 $190.00
BMW 335 Twin Turbo 07-later  AC335 $431.00
BMW 335 Stage 2-Remote Filter Kit 07-later  ACST2 $259.00
FORD Focus 2.0-2.3 Duratec 03-later  AC023 $167.00
AUDI S6, V10 Dual Cone Air Filter Kit 07-later  ACAS6 $201.00

Custom designs are no problem!

*Note: PN ACST2 seen below is an "upgrade" and attaches to PN AC335.